Compliance Recording

IRIS version 3.6 is the industry’s most popular SD-SDI & HD-SDI compliance recording solution that simplifies and automates the task of encoding, storing, viewing and retrieving recorded 24/7 transmission signals. IRIS provides the ability to instantly deliver content requested by advertisers, salespeople, management, regulatory agencies and producers.

Built on Masstech’s own CUB-2000 board, our latest version 3.6 features Masstech’s motion adaptive de-interlacing technology and full frame SD high quality capture capabilities. IRIS can now be integrated into Emerald and TOPAZ systems for deep archiving on data tape or connected to a simple NAS storage system for backup style ‘archiving’.

IRIS provides affordable, high quality logging and is available as a turn-key package powered by high reliability IBM x-Series servers with large capacity hot swappable internal SATA disk drives OR as a DIY board and software kit.

What’s new in version 3.6:

• IRIS Version 3.6

• Our 2nd generation CUB-2000 board

• Standard support for both SD and HD inputs

• Up to 16 Channels Of Embedded Audio

• Full frame SD mode for super high quality (no scaling)

• Flexible encode rate (up to 2Mbit/s ~ 1GB Hard disk space/hour)

• Motion Adaptive De-interlacing

• Archiving option and back-up tool to NAS disk array storage

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