Avid iNEWS


Accelerate reach, ratings, and revenue

To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced news industry, your organization needs to raise ratings and increase ad revenues by reaching more viewers across more screens than ever before. One of the most important means of capturing those viewers and keeping them tuned in is the ability to maintain effective control of your entire news operation.

To this end, Avid iNEWS lets you control every aspect of your news content creation and distribution workflow with a full complement of tools for story assignments, research, script writing, journalist editing, mobile reporting and editing, news graphics, rundown management, playout control, and multi-channel distribution. The ability to consolidate, organize, and integrate these tools into your existing systems via iNEWS Web Services or MOS protocol is key to addressing the extensive range of today’s TV, web, mobile, and social platforms.

Deliver news as it happens

The iNEWS newsroom management system is the dynamic center of news content creation and distribution, letting broadcasters create and deliver breaking news, unify their entire newsroom operation, and engage audiences across a broad spectrum of TV, web, mobile and social media channels.

Make the world your newsroom

Wherever a story is happening, your team needs to be there. Whether in the newsroom, the studio, or the field, journalists and producers can create, view, and edit iNEWS stories and browse rundowns through a web-based interface, or native iPhone, BlackBerry, and iPad apps.

Focus on what matters most

iNEWS story-centric workflow tools provide a dashboard of all the content related to key stories in a single location. Everyone covering a hot topic can focus on what matters most, creating and delivering compelling news stories.

Do more with less

iNEWS gives journalists, assignment editors, producers, and news directors swift access to moment-by-moment status information, feeds, stories, and rundowns -- and even playback status via iNEWS Command. Leveraging the speed, reliability, and accuracy of the iNEWS solution, news teams can now produce more content for more channels than ever before.

Unmatched openness

Provides a rich set of functions to interface and exchange data between third parties and the iNEWS newsroom system via iNEWS Web Services or MOS protocol, offering greater interoperability and choice

Story-centric organization

Consolidate and manage iNEWS stories and related content through projects

Customizable interface

Access your specific preferences including customized toolbars, templates, workspaces and macros every time you login to browser-based or desktop clients

Maximum availability

Continue uninterrupted operations if a server becomes unavailable; all system data is mirrored between multiple servers for highest confidence news operations


  • Easily add users without reconfiguring every time the station or broadcast enterprise expands
  • Retain scripts and rundowns in the online iNEWS system for longer with the newly expanded database size

Simple Administration

  • LDAP integration links iNEWS to IT network security for consolidated login process
  • Online db visit ensures best practices for maintenance
  • Virtualization reduces iNEWS hardware footprint



iNEWS Command

Take charge of news playout


Accurate news automation and device control

Providing precise automation control over a range of Avid and third party video and graphics devices, iNEWS Command reliably manages news playout by dynamically linking with newscast rundowns.


Flexible system integration

iNEWS Command integrates with iNEWS or any MOS-supporting interactive news management system, and a range of graphics and video devices without sacrificing functionality.


Rich feature set

A simple and intuitive user interface and rich feature set provide tremendous flexibility in your iNEWS Command workflow.

Reliable cost-effective playout control

Unparalleled playout reliability and precise newscast control every time, affordable for any broadcaster.

iNEWS Command on iPad

Get out of the control room with iNEWS Command on iPad shotbox playout control application.

Expanded graphics playout functionality

Open platform for third-party graphics devices, allowing flexible workflow configurations.

Customizable user interface

Extreme UI flexibility, including customizable transport control colors, docking panels, and customizable clocks.

Media viewer

Scrub video, trim, edit, and create sub clips. Lets graphics users edit fulfillment data, set In/Out points for automated video triggering, and instantly see an updated thumbnail.

Flexible device triggering

Multiple qualified platforms triggering playout of upcoming assets, such as keyboard, Xkeys device, GPI, touchscreen monitor, and tablet.

Touchscreen monitor support

Enhanced usability for touchscreen monitors with improved workstation playout panel showing channel, thumbnails, clocks and transport controls.


Eliminating a single point of failure within the system, iNEWS Command server features redundancy and mirrored or hot swap channel playout.

Metadata support

Supports metadata such as slugs and thumbnails for Avid Interplay and non-Avid asset management systems.

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