Avid Motion Graphics


Avid Motion Graphics™


Avid Motion GraphicsTM is a next-generation graphics platform that lets you cut through the clutter with stunning visual imagery, streamline your workflows, and build strong brand recognition in today's highly-competitive, image-dominated media industry. Built on AvidMotionGraphicsa revolutionary rendering engine, this benchmark graphic solution lets everyone involved in graphics development make the most of their media.


Top Features

Advanced creative tools

Create stunning imagery from character generation to full 3D animations, leveraging real-time object-based 2D/3D design tools for advanced text and font design, primitives modeling, texture mapping, particle systems, and shaders.


Ultimate graphics playout control

Control playout of each composition or entire sets at once with AMG Control (included). Make on the fly adjustments and fulfill graphics templates effortlessly. Play graphics sequentially or randomly access any template any time.


News workflow integration

Graphics can be integrated into newsroom workflow, leveraging the talent of your graphic designers in the newsroom. With AMG Journalist, graphics can easily be included and fulfilled in news stories via templates. AMG News Control allows full control of any graphics parameter up to air-time.


Context-sensitive user experience

Intuitive user-configurable UI that exposes functionality on demand lets you compose graphics using drag-and-drop, grids, preset effects, shortcuts, and real-time preview in the design UI.


Deko family support

Play your existing Deko files or migrate Deko assets to the new Avid Motion Graphics platform at your own pace. Deko file translator converts Deko graphics for use and playout on the AMG platform.


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