Avid Motion Graphics Creation


Avid Motion Graphics™ Creation


Avid Motion Graphics Creation is a software-only graphics design application with the same advanced 2D/3D creation tools and advanced 2D/3D real-time rendering as the full-featured Avid Motion Graphics system. You can create stunning imagery with thisAMGCreation complete next-generation creative toolset for quick transfer to the online Avid Motion Graphics system.


Create stunning imagery

From character generation to full 3D animated compositions, you can create stunning imagery with a complete next-generation creative toolset, featuring an advanced real-time 2D/3D rendering engine.


Speed your production

Quickly produce high-quality compositions on a qualified PC or laptop for fast transfer to an online AMG system for playout. Streamline graphics production via interaction with industry standard tools, such as Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.


Easy to use

Designed for a wide range of customers from novice to veteran, you can take advantage of an intuitive UI with 3D views, built-in text effects, easy drag-and-drop functionality, presets, integration of clips and stereoscopic 3D.


Deko family support

A bridge to the existing Deko product family makes it easy for you to migrate your assets and workflow to the new Avid Motion Graphics platform at your own pace.



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