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The necessity to meet increased competition and exploding demand for more content delivered in more versions to more platforms without compromising creativity or quality requires a better approach to media production.

Interplay Production manages and coordinates content creation, automates workflow, and empowers contributors across the production and editorial ecosystem so that projects can easily move in parallel and be completed faster. Tasks like media movement, transcoding, and proxy generation are orchestrated in the background while producers, editors, assistants, and reviewers around the world can find, arrange, edit, review and annotate media—without wasting time looking for the right clip.



  • Increase production capacity
    From a single facility or in locations across the world, contributors can work on multiple projects, or the same project, at the same time. With intelligence applied to every asset, media becomes easier to locate, use, and repurpose, and teams can stay focused on creating content rather than managing it.
  • Opens opportunity
    With capacity to do more, organizations can develop new programming and explore new markets. Interplay Sphere workgroup-connected remote editing opens completely new production and content possibilities, and Interplay Pulse lets content creators directly publish to any platform for faster and more effective audience reach.
  • Lowers costs
    Interplay Production takes content creation to a whole new level of speed, efficiency, and creativity. Work goes faster, costs go down, and creativity flows when access to media is instant, remote sites are interconnected, and contributors have the tools they need when they need them.
  • Integrates with existing systems, extends workflows
    A vibrant partner ecosystem and powerful APIs mean that the solution you need is close at hand. Interplay Production workflows are tightly integrated with Avid editing, Avid ISIS storage and video infrastructure.
  • Proven reliability
    With over 1400 deployments, Interplay Production is relied on daily by the most demanding deadline-driven broadcast and media production organizations in the world. Partnership with Avid means ready access to industry best practices and the most knowledgeable Services and Support professionals in the industry.  


    Interplay Production 3.0 addresses a wide range of customer workflows and adds entirely new workgroup capabilities:

    Interplay Sphere Mac Support

    Interplay Sphere upload support is extended to the Mac platform and adds 1080p23.98 support, giving remote editors and contributors the same creative power and experience as in the facility.

    Interplay Central Licenses Included

    The acclaimed Interplay Central Web-based toolset enables flexible media review, annotation, logging, shot-listing, basic editing, pre-planning from anywhere, and simplifies deployment with single-point licensing and administration. Customers can expand from 5 or 10 seat Base starter configurations or upgrade to Advance “one-license” access to Interplay Production, iNEWS, and Interplay MAM.

    Multicam Project Support

    Logging and sequence generation of Multicam projects can be done from anywhere through the browser-based Interplay Central UI and the resultant composited video stream can be displayed as either multi- or single-angle directly in the UI player window, bringing new time savings and efficiencies to reality television, TV studio entertainment, and similar production workflows.

    Messaging with Deep Links

    Workgroup members can use the Interplay Production messaging system to exchange asset links and notes on assets throughout the workgroup and directly to the editing desktop, speeding pre-planning, review and approval.

    Interplay Pulse

    Interplay Pulse unifies and simplifies content distribution to a diverse community of channels and devices through workflow automation in the right format for each.

    Project Sync

    A closer relationship between the Media Composer bin structure and the Interplay Production directory structure allows production facilities to work similarly to maintain the shared bins/projects.

    Multi-instance Transcode

    Up to four instances of Interplay Transcode may be run on the same server, greatly improving overall performance of manual and automated background transcoding and mixdown.

    64-bit Engine and Media Indexer

    64-bit Interplay Engine and Media Indexer addresses expanding workgroup asset counts with support for 10 million files, and delivers greater performance for installations for every size.

     Key Features

    Collaborative production management

    Tracks every media file component and its relationship to each project. Links all resolution and format versions, maintains version control, enables smart media deletion, and supports workflow in a wide range of resolutions and formats. Messaging system with deep links to assets enables enhanced collaboration between workgroup members.

    Search and media management

    Users can quickly find, browse, and bring media into their project from local or remote sites. Extended search allows for filtering based on a wide range of metadata attributes. High resolution versions of remote media are transparently delivered to the destination site.

    Universal connectivity

    Web-based tools and media streaming enable collaborative review, annotation, logging, shot-listing, basic editing, pre-planning from anywhere. Interplay Sphere adds support for remote Media Composer and NewsCutter editing, full workgroup connectivity, and fast, transparent uploading.

    Connected archive storage

    Extends online shared media access with workgroup-connected ISIS 2000 near-line storage or high-density data tape archive systems, enabling effective storage management.

    Complete integration, reliable operation

    With complete integration and workflow testing with best of breed Media Composer, ISIS shared storage, AirSpeed 5000 video server, iNEWS newsroom management, Interplay MAM, and over 80 qualified partner integrations, Interplay Production solutions minimize risk, decrease support problems caused by vendor finger-pointing, and decrease uncoordinated version compatibility issues.

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