Avid Interplay

Avid Interplay

Interplay media and production asset management systems connect people to media with tools, workflows, and applications that shorten project cycles, streamline workflow and delivery, and link with business systems to build more efficient and agile media enterprises.



Find and use media anywhere

Powerful search
Interplay makes it easy to find and browse content. Comprehensive and intuitive tools allow you to quickly locate material and do frame-accurate annotation or shot-listing, either locally or across a WAN.  Team members can search the content of metadata fields using free text or from pre-defined search fields.

Better organization
With information no longer spread over several places, facilities become better organized. Your team knows where to find the right content and what the current status is.

Time-aware retrieval
It’s easy to find material that has been ingested in the last few minutes, and find or choose material for deletion over the last days, weeks or year.

Comprehensive scheduling

Available at any desktop
Ingest scheduling through dedicated or web-based user interfaces allows a user of any desktop operating system to access and monitor.

Feed ingest & tape ingest
Users can schedule and monitor ingest jobs through Interplay Capture or Multi Channel Scheduling applications that control Avid devices and integrate with a wide range of 3rd party servers.

Automatic ingest
You can schedule recurring and one-time events or instant records, and simultaneously generate high-res and low-res versions through a single, highly configurable yet user-friendly interface.

Delivery & Accounting

Adapts to your needs
An easy-to-use scripting language enables administrators to customize workflows and preconfigure workflow templates so that ingest, import, export and content reuse can be adapted to your requirements.

Links with your business systems
Interplay transforms the traditional delivery of content with distribution templates and automated accounting and reporting capabilities. Asset usage is tracked throughout the media lifecycle cycle allowing information exchange with your ERP and licensing systems.

Generate additional revenue
Content can be easily found and reused, and automated workflow templates simplify and speed distribution to multiple platforms, allowing you to maximize the return on previous media production investments.

Open system design

Service-Oriented Architecture
Much of the functionality is implemented as Web services. This greatly facilitates integration with third-party and legacy systems. 

User-Configurable Data Models
Pre-configured data models for all content types are included. Your administrator can customize the Interplay data model with just a few mouse clicks, providing great flexibility and lowering maintenance costs.

Web Services
Web Services APIs make metadata and many Interplay functions seamlessly accessible to third party applications for customized, automated workflows.

Optimized workflow

Removes bottlenecks
Searching for tapes is a thing of the past, and with instant media access teams are more productive than individuals working independently. Interplay improves efficiency by automating repetitive and non-creative tasks so your team focuses on content creation, no matter where they are.

Smarter collaboration
With real-time media and project information, a simple user interface, versioning control, and a single view across multiple video and audio resolutions, Interplay production teams switch adeptly between projects and accomplish more.

User tools
Intuitive role-base user tools enable assistants, journalists, producers, archivists and administrators to add value and shorten workflow, while integration with PC and Mac, Avid and Final Cut Pro editors gives creative teams a single unified view of media and processes.

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