Avid ISIS Family

Shared storage for media professionals

The Avid ISIS shared storage family is the cornerstone of media collaboration, providing the power, reliability, and storage capacity you need to sustain real-time workflows in the most demanding environments—regardless of workgroup size. Get unrivalled performance and collaboration with ISIS online storage, and extend your capacity further with nearline storage to make the most of your media. And with the new ISIS 5500, you can take media production to a whole new level, with greater performance and scalability than ever before.

ISIS 2000


Workflow-Connected Nearline Storage 

Add reliable, highly scalable nearline storage for post and broadcast applications in a cost-effective, scalable solution.

Cost-effective Nearline storage to access and manage media beyond active production

Avid ISIS storage systems give you the power to store, share, and manage large quantities of media.  Now, with Avid ISIS 2000, you can more economically extend your library of accessible media with a cost-effective, disk-based Nearline solution that augments your active real-time production storage and provides ready access to more of your media assets.



ISIS 2000 lets you enhance your workflows and optimize your overall storage investment with a solution:

  • Specially tailored for Avid workflows
  • Purpose-built for large-scale media storage
  • Able to multiply the number of assets readily accessible for reuse and monetization
  • Backed by Avid support and professional services

Enhance Your Workflows

ISIS 2000 can enhance your existing workflows, enable entirely new workflows, and empower you to work more effectively in a fast-paced, media-intensive environment. Working in concert with online storage, ISIS 2000 can be used to store proxy resolutions and facilitate rough cut editing.  It can also be used as a platform for restoring assets from archive and as a pre-staging area for media related to upcoming events or accessing seasonal content. Enabling feed and file based ingest, ISIS 2000 provides a cost effective place to maintain your media before it is moved to either online storage for production or into archive.

Key Business Benefits

  • Improves cost per terabyte (TB) when combined with ISIS 5000 or ISIS 7000, allowing entire projects to be moved onto a Nearline storage tier.
  • Minimizes training costs by leveraging familiar ISIS functionalities for system configuration and management.
  • Enables new and expanded workflows such as feed and file based ingest, proxy file browsing, and any workflows requiring ready access to large quantities of media that do not need to be stored in a real-time production environment.
  • Delivers fast access, simple reuse of material and more opportunities to monetize existing media by working as a permanent library for regularly accessed high-res assets.

Key Operational Benefits

Purpose-built for media, ISIS 2000 lets you develop new workflows and expand existing ones, ultimately helping you to streamline your content production.  When deployed in concert with an Avid workflow, Avid ISIS 2000 can lower your average storage cost and speed workflow in a fast-paced, media-intensive environment, based on its ability to:

  • Function as Avid workflow-aware
  • Provide single search capability across multiple storage tiers when used within an Avid workflow
  • Use the same ISIS administration and user management tools, and link to Interplay
  • Leverage an unrivalled blend of real-world experience and expertise from Avid Advantage support


ISIS 5500

The Benchmark for Shared Storage Value

Get the high performance of ISIS 5000* in more scalable online storage for small- to mid-size broadcast, post, and rental companies.


Get the unrivaled performance, protection, and real-time collaboration you need to accelerate editorial workflows in a smaller, more affordable, shared media storage system for post production, small broadcast, education, and corporate environments. The successor to the popular ISIS 5000, ISIS 5500 offers even greater scalability, collaboration, and value, to fit smaller budgets and workgroups.


Built for real-time collaboration

ISIS 5500 is designed to address the needs of media professionals. Not only does it enable collaboration, it encourages it, allowing up to 90 Avid and non-Avid editors to connect concurrently and simultaneously access the same media in real time. Share up to 8 million files. Scale workspaces on the fly. And with the new 64 TB configuration, you can easily expand your system to over 300 TB of RAID 5 protected usable storage.

A smarter, more open workflow

More than just shared storage, ISIS 5500 is a workflow-connected platform that tightly integrates with Avid ingest, asset management, editing, and playout systems for a completely optimized end-to-end workflow. But it also welcomes the use of third-party editing applications too, including Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro. You can also connect from Mac-, Windows-, and Red Hat Linux-based clients for maximum facility-wide connectivity.

Elegant simplicity, with exceptional power

From intuitive, web-based system management tools to the highly efficient file system, ISIS 5500 is the easiest, most reliable way to store assets, accelerate editorial, and scale capacity, access, and bandwidth. Thanks to its self-balancing distributed architecture and metadata management, you gain more time to focus on creative work, as the system intelligently handles data redistribution to deliver predictable performance under all load conditions.

 Proven and trusted

Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers worldwide have made ISIS their storage solution of choice. That’s because ISIS provides absolute peace of mind with proven reliability, redundancy, and protection. With ISIS 5500, it’s easier than ever to accelerate your production efficiency now, with room to grow in the future.


ISIS 7500

 Enterprise-class, real-time media shared storage

 Avid ® ISIS® 7500 uniquely delivers on all counts, combining high performance, scalability, and availability, with powerful yet simple-to-use management tools in an open architecture. 




 Unparalleled performance


 Effortless real-time performance and efficient bandwidth delivery set ISIS 7500 apart. With each ISIS 7500 Engine providing up to 400 MB/s of usable bandwidth, predictable performance is sustained even as client counts increase, easily meeting thechallenge of large installations or the most demanding and ambitious uncompressed HD real-time workflows. That’s a key reason why ISIS 7500 is the ideal media network foundation for any content creation enterprise.


 Exceptional expandability


ISIS 7500 is based on a highly scalable, self-balancing, distributed architecture. Each storage blade hosts a local CPU, so whenyou add capacity, you also add intelligent processing power.


 Client scalability—With the tested and proven ability to scaleup to 330 real-time clients, you can rely on ISIS 7500 as your workflow or facility grows. From editors, loggers, and journalists,to producers and remote teams, media assets are now easily accessible to users across the enterprise.


 Asset scalability—ISIS 7500 can be expanded up to 3 PB ofraw capacity, or 1.53 PB of usable storage with ISIS Mirroring data protection. This is enough to store up to 2,600 hours of fully protected uncompressed 10-bit HD, or 50,000 hours of compressed HD.


 Gateway access—For non-real-time storage needs, such as graphics, stills, text, or low-res video, any Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation across the enterprise can utilize ISIS 7500 storage with CIFS or FTP connectivity through the ISIS file gateway.


Protect your business


The ISIS 7500 Engine runs the distributed ISIS File System through a unique combination of dual-drive server-storage blades, integrated Ethernet switch blades, and no-compromise, purpose-built engineering. ISIS 7500 sets industry benchmarks for drive vibration and cooling efficiency, and provides hardware, media, metadata, and network redundancy. Built-in system-wide health monitoring alerts you to any configuration failures at any point of failure. ISIS 7500 Engines, storage blades, switch blades, and power/cooling modules can be easily added, removed, or hot-swapped while the system is live. The system automatically adapts to component failures and replacements— while work continues without delay. Unlike common storage area networks (SANs), the advanced ISIS File System architecture distributes data and metadata so that each intelligent storage element can make instant decisions that collectively optimize the performance, capacity, and health of the entire system. Complementary redundancy across  all components provides an unprecedented seven layers of protection for uninterrupted availability and absolute reliability in high-pressure broadcast, post, or film production environments.


 New ISIS 4.5 software now available


Got ISIS 7000, 5000, or 2000? Upgrade to ISIS 4.5 software (featured in ISIS 5500) and get even more out of your system, including these features:


  • Access, edit, and share ISIS-stored media in real time using Red Hat Linux 6.2-compatible applications
  • Connect to ISIS online and nearline storage using Windows 8 clients
  • Share more than 25 workspaces over standard CIFS or FTP connections with the enhanced File Gateway service
  • Experience sustained real-time performance under all load conditions on ISIS 5000/5500, even during data redistribution operations
  • Scale ISIS 5000/5500 up to 384 TB of raw storage with the new 64 TB Engine
  • Access and share up to 8 million files on ISIS 5000/5500 (previously 3 million)
  • Add storage blades to ISIS 2000 and ISIS 5000/5500 without any downtime or work interruption
  • Scale ISIS 2000 configurations as your needs grow by connecting up to five Engines for up to 1.2 PB of nearline storage
  • Get failover protection with support for dual System Directors in ISIS 2000


* If you already own ISIS 5000, you can get all of the great new software features of ISIS 5500 with your existing hardware by simply upgrading to ISIS 4.5.




Download AVID ISIS 2000 here           Download AVID ISIS 5500 here

Download AVID ISIS 5000 here           Download AVID ISIS 7000 here

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ISIS 7000


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