DVO Enhance

DVO Enhance

Creative tools that significantly improve detail.

DVO Clarity

Automatic noise and grain reduction

DVO Clarity is the fifth generation noise and grain reducer from Digital Vision. With completely new algorithms including grain characteristics analysis for automated grain reduction, new motion estimation engine and a new innovative spatio-temporal filter, the DVO Clarity provides stunning images, virtually artefact free, still retaining the original sharpness.

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DVO Sharpen

Need sharper pictures without side-effects?

Some algorithms will sharpen your pictures, but they can amplify grain and noise and can ‘halo’ items that are already sharp. DVO Sharpen gives stunning and realistic pictures using adaptive picture analysis and processing - with no side effects. Easy adjustment of highly user friendly, simple controls alone produces stunning results or using Sharpen’s advanced adaptive controls you can match the processing to the picture detail such as lowlights, highlight, foreground, etc.

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DVO Grain

Need to manage grain?

DVO Grain manages the look of film grain and reduces unwanted electronic noise in film and video. DVO Grain removes the electronic noise generated by any video camera and older telecines and its advanced motion estimation prevents lag, smear and softening of the picture - even with aggressive settings. The mixer function on the final output allows you to bring back as much of the original noise or grain as you choose. This gives you complete control over the filmic look you desire. DVO Grain utilizes Digital Vision’s Emmy Award-winning PHAME motion estimation technology.

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DVO Re-grain

Need natural film grain - fast? Use DVO Re-grain to quickly set up and generate natural looking film grain, matching almost any type of film stock. Use the intuitive controls to set grain size and sharpness, and match the characteristics of the highlight and lowlight intensities in the separate RGB channels.

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DVO Alias

Cure out-of-band vertical frequencies and "twitter"

Essential for curing the side effects of out-of-band vertical frequencies that show up on-screen as line flicker or “twitter”. Venetian blinds and car grills can be shown as sharply as the interlaced television system will allow.

DVO Brickwall

Reduce compression artefacts

Provides an extremely sharp cut-off at a user-defined frequency. This enables you to create an accurately defined spectral content of material for various types of compression pre-processing. Coupled with other DVO tools, the quality of the image subjected to compression can usually be greatly improved.

DVO Aperture

Need sharper, crisper pictures?

DVO Aperture makes pictures appear sharper using a high-quality spatial filter. This is essential when you’re working with film scans. Film scanners tend to lose a great deal of high-frequency information that Aperture can restore. Used with DVO Grain, Aperture means you can sharpen images AND creatively manage the look of film grain.

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