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Golden Eye Film Scanner

Originally developed over 20 years for automotive testing and air defence reconnaissance, the Golden Eye Film Scanner has matured into the leading film scanner for DI, restoration and archive. With a legacy of proven reliability and quality the release of the next generation Golden Eye III scanner with new LED light source heralds a new era of affordable, high resolution film scanning. Add unique integration with the Phoenix restoration and Nucoda colour grading software platforms, and the Golden Eye III will provide workflows for film post production and archive at a previously unseen price point.

Golden Eye III is the optimal high resolution scanning solution for archive and restoration, handling negative, print and intermediate in all major film formats (16 / 35 as well as 8 mm) at 2k and 4k resolution.

Golden Eye III Film Scanner


All in One – Several Applications, Flexibility & Cost-Efficiency DI & Restoration

The Golden Eye Film Scanner can perform high res scans for DI or restoration, as well as real-time Digital Dailies. Clip lists can be loaded into Golden Eye, which executes the clip list as 2K or 4K scans, which is immediately accessible for any grading suite as 10 bit Log DPX or other formats.


High speed: Up to 15 fps in 2K and 4 fps in 4K, Golden Eye is one of the most cost-efficient, high-quality filmscanners for preservation available. Immediate primary grading can be carried out on the system before scanning, using the colour management controls and operator panel. Video SDI/HD output is available as colour reference.8mm, 16mm, 35mm or 70mm* film can be scanned into SD, HD, 2K, 4K or custom size.

Non-contact gate, capstan drive with continuous movement of the film and optical registration, results in minimum wear of fragile film and its perforations. The overall scanner design means Golden Eye Film Scanner is able to handle film in almost any condition. Film that is heavily shrunk, warped or has damaged perforations is scanned without any problems.


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